Dedicated to all of the losers and failures, the freaks and the social outcasts in society. This is a story about a girl named Sophia and her journeys through life.
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Fiddle sticks, looks like I ran out of page update … thingies … guess I’ll have to upload more pages and update the updates.  My workplace has been asking me to put in more OT recently, I’m so burned out T_T.  I’ll be certain to post something as soon as I can catch my breath @_@;;



 ... I  just attempted to update  this thing and it gave me some sort of an error.  I think what happened is I attempted to  update the WordPress plugin and that broke something.  I'm so frustrated I can't seem to get this webcomic thing to  work.  

I was searching before for the best webcomic hosting options and what  I was told was the best option would be to host  on your own site because it gives you the most amount of control and as such you can avoid a Smackjeeves situation where the site goes down and you basically lose all of your work.

Problem is you need a certain level of technical know how in order to get this to work.  So if your wordpress comiceasel webcomic site breaks the way my site broke and your not webdesign savy enough to figure out how to fix it your basically up a creek without a paddle.  

But look what's happened when I attempted to use somethign like Comic Easel to host my comic ... it backfires on me >:(

And I just got the story uptodate too ... then this happens >:(

You try to consult others about setting up a webcomic hosting site likecomic easel and they make it sound sooo easy.  yeah its easy for you if your webdesign savy.  I don't understand where this attitude comes from where your just supposed to know how to do stuff.  If I knew how to do this stuff I wouldn't be asking now would I >:(

Chapters 7 & 8 ... the lost chapters

Man, I can't believe it has been so long since my last comic update.  I intended to continue updates after January but stuff happened.  I was working on a different art project when my graphics card died, it served me for a solid 7 years or so.  Of course, this meant I had to get a new one ... good luck getting a graphics card now cause the graphics cards market has basically gone to hell recently.

On top of that what I was doing was grabbing the pages from the SmackJeeves website and basically transferring them over here ... only around the end of last year Smackjeeves basically went down for good.  Any webcomics on the Smackjeeves website that were not backed up are basically gone for good ... including mine ... Issues 6 and 7 are basically lost, I'm going to have to dig up whatever I had from my hard drive and hope it's one of the better versions because I have gone back and changed so many things so many times and I don't really have much faith in how accurately I've backed up my personal archives whenever I've changed something.

So yeah, chapters 7 and 8 I guess you could argue are sort of special, they are basically like the lost chapters ^^;;

Trying to map Comic Fury

Right now I'm trying to map out the Comic Fury Website Layout to see if I can customize it a bit, maybe add some adds or a patreon link or something.  I've seen other people do it but the way other people have done it looks ... um ... well ... I guess I can't really say anything it's not like I know much better myself -_-;;

smackjeeves is gone

Smackjeeves went kablewy ... nuff said.
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